Behind the Scenes

Capturing every move you make. Crafting every shot we take.

When the camera crew on our social media team enter your kitchen, their mission is to show the real work that goes into making your dishes. The goal? Get people stopping, watching, and wanting to visit your restaurant.

Our focus sharpens on the chef and the entire culinary journey, capturing all the steps it takes to make those dishes everyone loves. Whether it's the precision of slicing ingredients or the artistry in that final presentation, we're on it. After all, although we may not be making your dishes, we need to be aware of every movement - because if the camera is pointed at your chef and we’re even a millisecond off, the whole shoot is a bust. That means everything from cutting the food to cooking it, then plating it has to be perfect.

The stakes are incredibly high.

We want to capture the real experience of what it's like to dine at your place.

Next, we head to where all the action is: the dining area. Here, we film those real moments - when the food comes out, the first reactions from diners, and the buzz around your restaurant including various camera angles to give our video editor the necessary shots to create a thrilling, immersive experience for your customers.

Once we've got the shots, we agonize over the perfect editing, then we add trending music. In fact, we might be selecting from dozens of shot options, including movement, lens, frame rate, shot angle, sound, location, and more.

Elevating Your Presence Where It Counts

Now the completed reel is handed over to the CrowdBoost social team to post on social platforms like Instagram and TikTok. We also boost your visibility on Google by integrating the reel into your Google Business Profile. This way, potential customers get an enticing preview of the dining experience awaiting them.

Meet the Masters Behind the Lens

Our crew knows their stuff. They've got years of experience filming food and restaurant vibes, so they make sure they capture what makes your place special. They know what grabs attention online and gets people talking and engaging around your brand.

To stand out – to show your passion, your hard work, and your awesome food, you need content that shows the real you. The type of content that results in thousands of views and high levels of social engagement. That's where we come in.

Ready to show them what you’ve got? Let’s do this!

Behind the Scenes